Window Tint Training

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Hands on window tint training

Why to Choose Our Window Tint School

Rapid Window Tinting has been in business over 10 years. Our installers have been in industry over 20 years. Window tinting service is one of fastest growing industries and has high potential. At our School we offer our experience and can teach you in and outs of the window tinting. Over the years we came up with different techniques of installation, which we will be glad to share with you. Dont wait and sign up today. Our window tint classes

Type of window tint Classes

  • Window Tint training: 3/5 days, 1/2 intensive days, Evening and Weekends.
  • Hybrid class: 3 days window tint training + 1 day ppf training + 1 day vinyl wrap class. Total 5 days
  • Hybrid class: 2 days window tint + 1 day vinyl wrap training. Total 3 days
  • Hybrid class: 2 days window tint + 1 day paint protection training. Total 3 days
  • Hybrid class: 2 days window tint + 1 day Paint Correction training. Total 3 days

What will you receive at the end of the window tint training

  • Certificate: Upon completion of the training and successful installation we will provide Certificate. Our certificate is recognized by many shops. 
  • Tools: During training we will provide with Free starter kit tools, which you can keep 
  • Window Tint: Upon completion of 5 days window tint training we will provide with 1 Free box of window film. It will help you to practice more or start installation right away. 
  • Ongoing support: We committed to success of our students. If you have any questions about any particular installation, our instructors will be able to assist you via facetime or phone call