Car Window Tint Prices

Prices to tint car windows

Prices for car window tint depends on the window film material clients choice. Most of the time prices depend how much heat rejection window film has, what is IR (ultraviolet light) rejection. The higher heat rejection, the higher is price.

There is big misconception that all window films are same. If you are looking for cheaper window film, usually shops dont offer any warranty and it may fade within couple of month. Before you install window tint on your car we suggest to ask following questions:

– What % is heat rejection

– What % is IR light rejection (if any)

– What is the warranty

When you install window tint on your car its a long term investment not only for your car, but yourself. Some window film reject up to 95% of harmful IR (ultraviolet) light, which may cause skin cancer.

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Car Window Tint Prices

Car Window Tint Prices