3M Fasara Window Film – 2017 new designs

How do you give interior spaces that “wow factor” that makes people sit up and take notice? Sometimes it can be as simple as introducing an extraordinary detail to the mix. With their unique palette of colors, patterns and textures, 3M™ Glass Finishes give you an easy way to add an element of surprise to your designs.

Add more visual interest and appeal to plain glass surfaces with 3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes, available in over 90 unique designs to complement most any decor. Made from a durable polyester material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, FASARA glass finishes are quick and easy to apply. They can be used in vertical applications to control both light and privacy through interior glass, including the interior of an outside glass wall. These products can be used in a variety of ways to expand your creative possibilities, including solid privacy patterns and “whiteboard” films that can turn any glass surface into a writable, erasable canvas.

  • 3M Fasara decorative film
  • 3M Fasara decorative film
  • 3M Fasara decorative film
  • 3M Fasara decorative film
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