Window Tint Training

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Hands on window tint training

Why to Choose Our Window Tint School

Rapid Window Tinting has been in business over 10 years. Our installers have been in industry over 20 years. Window tinting service is one of fastest growing industries and has high potential. At our School we offer our experience and can teach you in and outs of the window tinting. Over the years we came up with different techniques of installation, which we will be glad to share with you. Dont wait and sign up today. Our window tint classes

Type of window tint Classes

  • Window Tint training:
  • 5 day Beginners window tint training – $2450
  • 3 Days Window Tint Training – $1950

Advanced Window Tint Training – 2 Days Workshop

Advanced Window Tint Training is a 2 Day workshop designed for someone with at least 1 year experience in auto window tinting. This class is designed to further your knowledge and get more efficient.

During 2 Days advanced window tint workshop we will teach:

– How to hand cut window film

– Heat shrink window film on Tesla’s rear glass

– Double cut window film

– Double shrink window film

– Template cut

– Micro Edging

– Shaving film using file

– Shaving film using knife

Cost of the workshop – $1250

Deposit $500 

Duration – 2 days 

Reserve your sport with $500.00 DepositPay now

What will you receive at the window tint training

  • Certificate: Upon completion of the training and successful installation we will provide Certificate. Our certificate is recognized by many shops. 
  • Tools: During training we will provide with Free starter kit tools, which you can keep 
  • Window Tint: Window film will be provided to practice at the school
  • Ongoing support: We committed to success of our students. If you have any questions about any particular installation, our instructors will be able to assist you via facetime or phone call
  • Plotter training: We will explain different types of cutting software and will provide window tint training on the plotter.

Curriculum For Beginners Window tint training course – $1950

Day 1

  • Which tools are needed?
  • How to use blade
  • Explanation of each tool and usage
  • Window tint types
  • How to approach each glass
  • Learn which way to shrink
  • How to properly pre window
  • Cleaning windows with single inch blade or scouring pads
  • How to remove tints using head gun

Day 2

  • Hand cut VS machine cut
  • Hand cut for side windows
  • Hand cut for rear windows
  • Hand cut for quarter windows
  • Heat gun, what need to be shrank
  • Solo shrink side windows
  • Solo shrink rear windows

Day 3

  • How to Install side windows in one stage
  • How to Install side windows in two stages
  • How to Install rear window in one stage
  • How to Install rear window in two stages
  • Solo clean and install side windows
  • Solo clean and install rear windows
  • Solo clean and install quarter windows
  • Taking out fingers
  • Final check
  • How to fix imperfections

Day 4

  • Solo install side and rear window in one stage
  • Solo install side and rear windows in two stages
  • How to shave using blades and files
  • Windshield tint types and shrinking techniques
  • Windshield installation techniques
  • How to protect dashboard and electronics on the windshield
  • One and 2 stage installation on the windshield
  • Learn how to use Plotter
  • How to precut on Plotter

Day 5

  • Certification day
  • Practice solo one state install
  • Practice solo two sate install
  • Certification process
  • Graduation

5 Days Beginners Window tint training $2450

$500 Deposit 

Reserve your sport with $500.00 DepositPay now


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