White Frost Window Film – Residential / Commercial Window Film

Privacy at work place

Many workspaces in large retail stores, offices, banks and hospitals are in need of areas which can provide privacy to protect employees or clients. Privacy Films, such us white frost help provide a range of products to meet your needs at a reasonable cost. Whether you are trying to help obscure the view with White Frost Film or Blackout Film, or you are trying to create a one-way mirror effect with Mirror Film along with the correct balance of lighting, additional privacy can be achieved.

Improving aesthetics.

Workspaces and glass walls are at times in need of an upgrade to make the workspace more aesthetically pleasing. Whether this is done with White Frost Film or with the Blackout Film, you will be pleased with the quality and results.

Increased security.

White Frost Film and Blackout Film can help to obscure views into storage areas where privacy is desired. With the correct lighting balance, Mirror Films can also be used for security guards to see out without them easily being seen, as these films have a one-way mirror effect.


  • Protect your privacy. Subtle to bold privacy, visual enhancement or improved work environment.
  • Matte, Blackout and Mirror Film give you three ways to achieve additional privacy at your home or business.
  • White Matte Translucent Film offers subtle privacy and enhances the aesthetics of the work environment.
  • Blackout Film helps provide the ultimate in privacy.
  • Mirror Film offers a very high reflection to give a mirror-like appearance.
  • Privacy Films are only a fraction of the cost of new glass.

white frost privacy film white frost privacy film white frost privacy film